AI-powered essentials for individuals and small teams with low meeting volume.

20 meetings per Free seat member

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What’s Included
Automatically record meetings
AI meeting summary
Full meeting transcriptions
Clip video moments into Highlights
Automatic recording rules (via Calendar)
Shared team meeting library
Global transcript search
Calendar (Google/O365)
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Zapier (Connect Grain to 5,000+ apps)
Scott Michaels
"The pain comes from extracting the golden nuggets. With Grain I can do that easily"
Scott Michaels
Chief Product Officer, Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are "Members" in my workspace?

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When will I get billed for my workspace?

Can I get a refund if I remove members from my workspace or cancel my plan?

Can I cancel my subscription and switch to a new plan anytime?

How are my meetings shared with others in my workspace?

Can I allow for others outside of my workspace to view or edit my meetings?

Does Grain provide support for Zoom, Meet and Teams?

Does Grain provide calendar support for both Google Workspace and Microsoft O365?

Is Grain secure?

Should I be concerned about my privacy?

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