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Trusted by +100K revenue builders

Great insights that close deals faster.

Grain does your admin so you can focus on the customer. Get meeting notes with key points and next steps after every call. We even update your call records in HubSpot–no need to lift a finger.

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“Grain allows me to focus on the calls, the customers, and what they need.”

Steeve Vakeeswaran, Former Head of Sales & Expansion

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Onboard sales reps 5x faster with less risk.

Descript onboards their sellers with Grain at lightning speed. They share their best calls with new sales reps; they get direct access to best-in-class closers as they prepare for the big stage.

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“New sellers don’t have to wait for live calls and be like, oh, that call sucked. I can give them all the calls they need to see.”

Russ Thau, Former VP Sales & Success

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Sales Hygiene ✨

Update every team on the corpus of the customer with automated AI summaries, key takeaways, and the next steps after every call. Grain syncs automagically to your favorite tools–It’s the end of sales hygiene.

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"Days of note-taking are over when every meeting gets boiled down to the few clips points that matter."

Scott Belsky, Founder

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Take the customer’s word for it.

Capture customers as they ask for features and share them with your product team. Short clips let the customer speak for themself. There’s no better way to get features prioritized–no more pushback.

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“We love Grain and use it to surface key insights from Zoom calls, whether it’s a 1:1 customer discovery with our product team or one of our sellers who engage with a prospect.”

Martin Matuš, Product Manager

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Parles-tu English?!?

Multi-lingual sales teams? No worries, Grain has you covered with 25+ languages to help you gain insights from every sales call. No more excuses–it’s your time to shine.

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“Grain is a coaching tool. It helps me coach my closers as it highlights what they’re doing right or wrong."

Tucker Hutchinson, VP of Revenue

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