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A meeting insights tool (that doesn't break the bank) for revenue teams to improve their sales process and win more deals.

Steve Vakeeswaran Testimonial
"We used Grain, then customer success used it, and then there are passive consumers of Grain like research and marketing"
Steve Vakeeswaran, Head of Sales & Expansion

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Increase Revenue with Better Selling

Grain helps you understand prospects like never before so you can sell like never before. Full visibility into discovery, demos, and negotiations means you can capture key moments, drive urgency and accelerate pipeline to hit your number.

Coach an All-Star Sales Team

Don’t spend hours shadowing live calls. Get a reel of key moments from your reps to review and provide clear feedback. Understand what sets your top performers apart and how they handle pricing questions, objections, and more.

Sales Enablement Based in Reality

Get new reps up to speed with sales enablement programs built on customer truths. Libraries of company, customer and market knowledge arm your teams with stories that influence decision makers and position your products successfully.

Influence the Product Like Never Before

Unlock a treasure trove of prospect conversations and present your ideas to the product team armed with evidence and conviction. Grain’s effortless clipping and sharing of calls lets you bring the voice of the customer into product development and marketing.

How Reps Use Grain To Win More Deals

Use highlights to compose better emails

Make your follow-up emails 10x effective by adding highlights from previous sales calls that help your prospect relive the moment.

Discover key themes buried in your calls

Collect, organize, and retrieve insights that deepen your customer understanding and pain points.

Source feedback and ideas for product

Use your discovery calls and demos as proof points to create a powerful narrative around customer needs or product gaps.

Guillaume Cabane Testimonial
"I use Grain to move my agenda. How can you refute the customer?"
Guillaume Cabane
General Partner
Steve Vakeeswaran Testimonial
"It strengthens Sales and CS people's relationship with Product."
Steve Vakeeswaran
Head of Sales & Expansion

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