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Scott Michaels Testimonial
"The pain comes from extracting the golden nuggets. With Grain I can do that easily"
Scott Michaels
Chief Product Officer
Ty Kauffman Testimonial
"You have a library of knowedge.. you can get what context you need."
Ty Kauffman
Customer Imagineering
Steve Vakeeswaran Testimonial
"We used Grain, then customer success started, and then there are passive consumers of Grain like research and marketing"
Steve Vakeeswaran
Head of Sales & Expansion

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One Place for Your Company’s Video Meetings

Don’t let important moments get lost into the abyss. Connect Grain with Zoom to create libraries of company, customer and market knowledge.

Record, Transcribe & Take Notes

You’re already in meetings for hours. Grain gives you something to show for it with highlight clips, notes, transcriptions, and meeting summaries.

Tell Powerful Stories with Video

It’s easy to capture and put together the most important moments from your meetings. Create narratives around customer input, candidate qualifications, prospect objections, and more.

Share Clips Everywhere

Native integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Notion and more means it’s effortless to share insights and enrich your communications with video.

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