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“At Grain, we believe that human connectedness begins by actively listening to others with the intent to share understanding with them. If it were as easy to capture, copy, and share important moments from live conversations as it is to type a message, we could connect more easily to the message instead of being distracted by the messenger.”

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Our Values

Our values can be encapsulated in one culture statement:

“We strive to foster an environment of psychological safety in the pursuit of truth through thoughtful disagreement.”

Psychological Safety
Pursuit of Truth
Thoughtful Disagreement

"The pitch is compelling."

“Zoom took over the world. This is what will happen next.”

“Hot video-app startup”

Who We Are

We are a globally-distributed team spanning ten different countries, and our diversity is one of our proudest qualities.

We are curious, open-minded, and passionately engaged with this ever-changing world.

We are surfers, mothers, photographers, musicians, crafters, pet-lovers, multilinguists, rock climbers, fathers, race car drivers, teachers, yogis, and creatives.


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