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One centralized and searchable video meeting workspace for your company to always stay in sync.

Christine Yaged Testimonial
“I can feel confident my team is in the loop and have all the info they need”
Christine Yaged, CMO
Launch Potato

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Grain acts as a centralized workspace to connect your teams and knowledge over video meetings. Never miss a good idea, analysis, or update.

Catch Up on Your Schedule, Not Everyone Else’s

Let your team catch up on the latest and the greatest, no matter their schedule or time zone. Teams can cut back on meeting time and get the information they need first hand—without worrying about additional meetings.

Preserve Company Knowledge

Capture and save your institutional knowledge in a searchable workspace. Document the most important company moments to preserve your culture and values.

Get New Hires Up to Speed Fast

Retain valuable information from current employees about their role, customers, and process to so new members can hit the ground running with easily transferable knowledge and expertise.

More Real Work, Less Busy Work

Organize your conversations

Use collections and #tags to organize your video meetings and let your team discover and dive deep into any conversation they want.

Bring your Team closer together

Video meetings can be shared by selectively or by default—providing room for anyone to develop a better understanding of the company's culture, people, and values.

Continue the dialogue asynchronously

Clip and share parts of the conversations on Slack, Notion, Asana and more to enrich your company communications.

Why Fast-Growing Companies Love Grain

Sergey Jani Testimonial
"My CEO explained the context, why we win, and then asked me to share with the team."
Sergey Jani
Product Designer

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