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Students using Grain spend more time actually learning the content, with the safety net that the information is easily accessible. They study more efficiently, focusing on select parts of every lecture. They review hour-long classes in 10 minutes by skimming the transcript and content.

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Record lectures and mark important information for review

Enhance learning by alleviating the stress of taking every single note. Annotate important parts of classes then quickly reference and review your class content in your personal library.

  • All Zoom meetings and recorded video files

  • Real-time annotations

  • Don't need to be the host

Turn long lectures into exam prep

Level up your studying and accelerate past your peers. Combine select highlights together into stories to study the most important content matter, exactly as your instructor described it.

  • Easily combine important highlights into stories

  • Integrate stories into your favorite study tools (Notion, ClickUp, Google Docs)

  • Study the most important parts of lectures, not the entire two hours

Turn group project meetings into action items

Increase efficiency and maintain accountability in your group projects by using highlights to create action items for your team.

  • All group members can have access to the recording

  • Collaborative notepad

  • Share highlights into your collaboration tools (iMessage, Slack)

Why students and educators use Grain

Join the thousands of people who use  Grain to record, transcribe, and highlight the best parts of video calls

Grain keeps me more organized in customer interviews and not fall into recency bias.

Being able to send a short video clip from the transcript is something we can't do anywhere else.

Grain has solved the old problem of telephone. I now share client feedback directly with my team.

I use Grain to move my agenda. I tell people 'Here are all of the other customers who said this.' What are you going to say to that? This is the customer.

Join the thousands of people who use  Grain to record, transcribe, and highlight the best parts of video calls

"I'm pretty indoctrinated. I love this tool."

Juliana Murlanda


"I use Grain to quickly create highlight clips to share the voice of the customer. It is simply the best."

Ian Maier

"I enjoy using Grain more than most tools I use. It adds real value."

Lydia Bailey

"I love how easy Grain is to use."

Eline Rysman

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