AI-powered meeting recording for all teams, not just sales

Grain automates note-taking, record-keeping, and insight capture from every customer conversation.

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Summarize & share key moments with AI

Focus on the conversation and let Grain AI capture, analyze, and synthesize your customer meetings. You’ll get an accurate summary that allows you to easily recall, clip, and share key moments. 

Accessible and Useful for Everyone

Everyone can be a customer advocate. Use Grain to record, transcribe, and clip moments from research interviews, sales calls, and customer meetings.

No More Manual Notes

Now you can listen and fully be present without having to remember what was said. Grain will automatically identify the key moments in your meetings.

Share Clips Everywhere

Native integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Notion, and more means it’s effortless to share customer insights with anyone, anywhere.

Scott Michaels Testimonial
"The pain comes from extracting the golden nuggets. With Grain I can do that easily"
Scott Michaels
Chief Product Officer
Ty Kauffman Testimonial
"You have a library of knowedge.. you can get what context you need."
Ty Kauffman
Customer Imagineering
Steve Vakeeswaran Testimonial
"We used Grain, then customer success started, and then there are passive consumers of Grain like research and marketing"
Steve Vakeeswaran
Head of Sales & Expansion

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