Introducing the Grain App for Zoom

Introducing the Grain App for Zoom

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April 7, 2022

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

In the world of startups, almost every important meeting and discussion happens on Zoom these days. Yet the conversations that we have, and the spoken knowledge shared, in these meetings have been difficult to capture and unlock up until this point. Usually, when a meeting is done we move on to the next meeting, or the next work task, or the next thing in life. We spend all this time and energy in meetings sharing ideas and discussing the work to be done, yet we only remember and execute on a small percentage of this. Most of the knowledge shared in these meetings is lost into the ether. Gone forever.

Grain App for Zoom

Smart teams, however, are realizing the importance of using tools to capture this knowledge. There is a suite of products that sit on top of zoom to generate usable recordings and transcriptions. Nobody wants to rewatch hour-long meeting recordings, so only the very ambitious teams have put in the work to turn recordings and transcriptions into usable content.

The "Grain App for Zoom" changes all of this. Users of Grain can create short video highlight summaries of the best parts of their conversations in real-time during any zoom meeting. Download the Grain App, add the record bot to your next calendar meeting, and start creating highlights. That easy!

Grain App for Zoom makes your recorded videos meaningful.

Grain Highlights and Video Summaries are directly embeddable in thousands of your favorite work tools, like Slack, Asana, Notion, Dropbox. In fact, most of these same companies and thousands more are finding new use cases for the powerful "Grain App for Zoom" every day. Previously, Zoom users would have to record a meeting, send it to a transcription service, pay for them to transcribe it, and then wait until they got it back. Well, not anymore.

Grain users are now leveraging their time on Zoom, even more, recording meetings by default, and using these recordings to unlock the spoken knowledge of their teams and their customers.

Grain App for Zoom

Some compelling user data related to Zoom over our first two years in business, include:

#New user signups with Zoom

  • 2020 increase from 2019: 250%
  • 2021 increase from 2020 (projected): 650%

#Number of Total Meetings Recorded with Zoom

  • 2020: 88,436
  • 2021 (projected): 295,430

#Number of Total Recorded Minutes

  • 2020: 2,379,171
  • 2021 (projected): 11,145,066

#Number of Video Highlights Created

  • 2020: 28,816
  • 2021 (projected): 164,756

#Number of Highlight Views

  • 2020: 35,712
  • 2021 (projected): 201,164

As of this week, Grain is now available directly in the Zoom App Marketplace, which hosts 1,000+ third-party integrations that extend the power of Zoom's industry-leading video first unified communications platform. Our goal is to help people work smarter and leverage spoken knowledge to improve their shared understanding.

Launching on the Zoom App Marketing place is a huge step forward for this, where in-product apps are seamlessly integrated into the Zoom experience. Get your team in sync with Grain!

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