Introducing A New AI Meeting Experience with Grain

Introducing A New AI Meeting Experience with Grain

Last updated: 

September 27, 2023

Rasheed Ahamed

Rasheed Ahamed

Grain meetings have a fresh new look, powered by AI. With the new layout, you can easily navigate through the video and transcript, get an AI summary, jump to key moments, and create highlights—in a click.

You’ll notice that the meetings on Grain now have three tabs—


With new AI meeting summaries, all the key takeaways from your customer meetings are neatly compiled for you to share. With one click, you can copy the summary and share with your team in seconds. It’s easy to keep your team informed and aligned without manual notes or trying to remember what was said. 

All your new meetings—whether they recorded with Grain, imported from Zoom, or uploaded from your desktop—will have an AI summary. If you’d like to generate a summary for an existing meeting, go to the “Summary” tab and click “Generate Summary”. 


Speaker timelines help you navigate through the video and the transcript seamlessly. 

Timelines are generated for every speaker in the meeting, including markers for parts of the video where highlights were created. Hover over the timeline to find specific moments you want to view, clip, and share. Clicking on the timeline will auto-scroll the transcript, making it easier for you to review what was said.

Want to understand and improve your talk-to-listen ratio? Refer to the percentage of time that each participant spoke during the call.


It’s the same highlights you love—but in a different spot. Highlights captured during or after the call will be stacked—chronologically—in this tab. You can view the number of highlights and easily copy and paste them into Slack, email, or other platforms.

Other Improvements

  • Adjust the window size of the transcript or the video to make navigating the meeting and creating highlights easier.
  • We simplified the highlight creation process. When you select the transcript, you will be prompted to add a title and/or #tag right away. Once you're done, simply press "enter".
  • When you create a highlight clip, a shareable link will be copied to your clipboard automatically. Create—and share right away. 
  • Video will continue to play as you create new highlights. 
  • Add a meeting to a collection—new or existing—without leaving the meeting page. 
  • If you hover over the highlighted text in the transcript, you will be able to view the created highlight along with other available actions, such as copying the highlight link.

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