How to Leverage Grain's Insights Page to Improve Your Conversation Skills

How to Leverage Grain's Insights Page to Improve Your Conversation Skills

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June 26, 2024

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Jeff Whitlock

Jeff Whitlock

The Insights page is a comprehensive dashboard that provides detailed metrics and AI-powered insights from your recorded conversations.

Imagine this: You're on a call with a client, fully engaged in the conversation. When the call ends, you receive not just a transcript and notes but an analysis of your interaction, highlighting key metrics and topic trends. These conversation insights can lead you to improve your communication style, and change your conversation patterns.

Whether you're a sales representative looking to refine your pitch, a customer service agent aiming to improve client interactions, or a manager seeking to coach your team more effectively, the Insights page offers valuable data to guide your efforts.

In the following sections, we'll explore how the Insights page works, the specific data it provides, and how you can use this information to dramatically improve your communication skills and business outcomes.

Understanding the Insights Page

The Insights page is your conversation dashboard, it's designed to help you and your team track your conversation metrics, and spot trends using Smart Tags.

Key Features of Insights:

1. Interaction Tab

The Interaction tab provides a detailed breakdown of you and your team’s communication metrics:

  • Talk/Listen Ratio: Percentage of time you spoke.
  • Filler Words: Frequency of using filler words per minute.
  • Longest Monologue: Duration of the longest uninterrupted speaking period.
  • Talking Speed: Words spoken per minute.
  • Patience: Average time waited after the customer finishes speaking.

These metrics offer valuable insights into your communication style, helping you identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time.

2. Smart Tags Tab

Smart Tags use AI to automatically identify topics and keywords in your conversations. The Smart Tags tab shows the frequency of those topics and keywords appearing across your conversations. The Smart Tags tab works in three ways:

  • Track Frequency: Easily spot recurring topics or keywords across multiple calls. Whether it's "budget concerns" or "competitor comparisons," Smart Tags help you spot trends.
  • Review Matches: The dashboard doesn’t just show frequency but it can show the exact spots in conversation these Smart Tags appear. For instance, when you click on a smart tag called “budget” it will show you where a client might have said: "We're looking for a wallet-friendly option".
  • Filtering Results: Use filters to see how frequently certain topics arise in last 90 days, helping you identify trends and priorities.  As an example, has a competitor been mentioned more the last 90 days of your calls than the previous 90 days.

Leveraging Insights for Better Conversations

The Insights page isn't just about data—it's about transforming that data into actionable improvements:

  1. Personalized skill development: Use the metrics to focus on specific areas of your communication style that need refinement.
  2. Data-driven coaching: Managers can provide concrete feedback based on objective metrics rather than subjective impressions.
  3. Trend identification: Spot emerging patterns in customer concerns or interests to inform your strategy.
  4. Time efficiency: Quickly access key information without manually reviewing entire call recordings.

Real-World Application

Consider this scenario: Sarah, a sales representative, used the Insights page to analyze her calls. She discovered her average "Longest Monologue" was three minutes—longer than ideal for engaging prospects. Armed with this knowledge, she worked on breaking up her pitches and asking more questions.

The result? Her Talk/Listen ratio shifted from 70/30 to a more balanced 55/45, and her close rate increased by 15%. This improvement underscores the power of data-driven communication strategies.

Getting Started with Insights

To make the most of the Insights page:

  1. Ensure all your calls are recorded through Grain.
  2. Use filters to focus on specific date ranges, team members, or companies for targeted analysis.
  3. Set concrete goals for improvement based on the metrics provided.
  4. Regularly review your progress and adjust your communication strategies accordingly.

The Future of Conversation Intelligence

At Grain, we believe that better conversations lead to stronger relationships, improved results, and accelerated business growth. The Insights page is a significant step towards this vision, offering you the tools to continuously refine your communication skills.

By leveraging AI-powered analytics, we're not just recording conversations—we're helping you unlock their full potential. With Grain's Insights page, you're equipped to turn every interaction into an opportunity for growth and improvement.

How do you plan to elevate your conversation skills? Dive into your Insights page today and discover new insights to help you achieve communication mastery.

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