Connect Grain + Aircall

Automatically Send Calls to Grain for AI-Notes and Transcripts

Review every sales call from your team with automatic transfer of their sales calls into Grain

When you connect Grain with your Aircall account, every sales call with your prospects or customers is automatically transferred to Grain as a recording. Grain will automatically add Aircall recordings of your customer calls to get Grain recording notes, transcripts, highlights, coaching feedback and more.


- Bring clarity and visibility to your sales team activity by easily seeing all call activity between your prospects and salespeople in one place.
- Reduce manual call uploads by automatically important call recordings in Aircall to your Grain workspace.
- Make Grain the source of truth for your team conversation interactions with customers. View the customer call recordings, meeting recorinds, and deal activity directly in Grain.

Aircall integration is available for the Business plan customers. To upgrade or learn more, contact sales.

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