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Connecting product discovery and feature prioritization

Productboard is a product management solution that empowers product managers to prioritize what to build next.

In a nutshell

As a product manager you need better, faster, and more simple ways to ensure the right projects get shipped at the right time. Use Grain’s native Productboard integration to send product ideas, requests, and feedback in real-time during your Zoom meetings.

This integration enables you to share video clips from Grain recordings to Productboard in a single click. Then, in Productboard, these video clips can be linked to related feature ideas, requests, or feedback inside your Productboard workspace.

It effectively eliminates the “game of telephone” when product road mapping, and prioritize the right features and bugs to work on next.

Who is it for?

The Grain + Productboard integration helps Product Managers with:

- Collaborating with stakeholders outside of product.
- Leveraging existing tools to get richer information into your product roadmap.
- Connecting product discovery and feature prioritization.
- Fueling a more thoughtful product development process by capturing a broader set of customer inputs.

Speed up your feedback loops

Native integration allows you to connect your meetings with your existing workflows and highlight clips to a Productboard repository in real-time.

Reduce the manual work

Send video clips to Productboard manually, or use Grain to boost up your product management systems and send highlights automatically.

“We love leveraging Grain to surface key insights from Zoom calls whether it’s a 1:1 customer discovery with product or one of our sales teammates engaging with a prospect, the literal "voice of the customer" helps the engineering team understand the customer problem in more depth”
— Martin Matus, Product Manager @ Productboard

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