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Connecting product discovery and feature prioritization

Productboard helps product managers understand what customers need and prioritize what to build next.

Capture, Share, and Push User Feedback Directly into Your Product Roadmap

As a product manager, you need better, faster, and more simple ways to ensure the right projects get shipped at the right time. With Grain’s native integration to Productboard, you can capture and send customer feedback, product ideas, and feature requests from your user interviews directly into Productboard in real-time.

Specifically, when you share a Highlight from Grain into Productboard, it will be added to your Insights board. From there, you can process and link Highlights to relevant feature ideas. Empower your team to experience customer feedback first-hand and eliminate the “game of telephone.”


Grain + Productboard integration helps product managers to:
- Capture, share, and push user feedback directly into the product roadmap
- Connect product discovery and feature prioritization with video proof
- Rally stakeholders around the voice of the customer

Automate the process

You can choose to send selective video clips to Productboard manually, or automatically send all the highlight clips by enabling the option under Productboard > Settings.

“We love leveraging Grain to surface key insights from Zoom calls whether it’s a 1:1 customer discovery with product or one of our sales teammates engaging with a prospect, the literal "voice of the customer" helps the engineering team understand the customer problem in more depth”
— Martin Matus, Product Manager @ Productboard

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