Connect Grain + Salesforce

Enrich your lead data in Salesforce with video

Automatically log your calls in Salesforce

Relieve your team from manually logging their sales calls. Integrate Grain with Salesforce to automatically add recordings and highlights of your customer calls to relevant Salesforce records including leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. 

With our native integration, every time you have a call with a contact or lead, a new activity event—with a custom description listing the meeting title, participant info, and links to the Grain recording and associated highlights—will be created in relevant records automatically. 

Can’t find the recording of your prospect call from last month? Not able to find the meeting notes from your sales call? Replace all your recording and note-taking tools with Grain and turn on the integration to view all the data and insights from your customer calls directly in Salesforce. 👇


- Reduce manual data entry that takes your sales team away from selling. Automate call logging in Salesforce to allow your reps to focus on high-value activities.
- Make Salesforce the source of truth for your team—with customer call data. View the customer call recordings, highlight clips, and notes directly in Salesforce. 
- Bring clarity and visibility to your sales process by logging every interaction between your prospects and salespeople automatically.  

Salesforce integration is available for the Enterprise customers. To upgrade or learn more, contact sales.

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