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Bring video meeting moments into your Slack conversations

Share Highlights from Your Video Meetings Directly in Slack

Being part of a remote-working team, you need an easier and faster way to share knowledge from your meetings. With Grain’s native Slack integration, you can instantly share a key moment from your video meetings directly to your Slack.

Got an awesome quote from a customer? Need to share an important action item with your team? Stop sharing hour-long Zoom recordings or re-explaining what was said during the call. Just clip and send the video to a Slack channel or message it to a team member directly from Grain.


- Get your team up to speed with fewer meetings. Share a highlight clip to keep your team informed, no matter their schedule or time zone.
- Break knowledge silos. Share insights and ideas from your meetings cross-functionally with ease.
- Bring in accountability and transparency by sharing action items and decisions from your meetings in #general.

“We actually have a slack channel #grain-highlights where we'll post the highlights from our customer calls. That way the engineering team can get that insight”.— Ty Kauffman, Customer Imagineering @ Endgame

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