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AI Meeting Summary

Get an accurate summary of your customer meetings that allows you to easily recall, clip, and share key moments. Ditch manual notes and focus on the conversation. Grain AI will do it for you.

"Wow, Grain AI summary is Amazing!!! The automated notes are mind blowing! GOLD!!."
Christy Banasihan
Lead Customer Success Manager

Meetings to Insights in Seconds

Skip reading through the transcripts and watching hour-long recordings. Jump to the key moments and get the insights you need from your customer interviews—in seconds. 

"Now, with just one click, I'm locked in with an intuitively organized snapshot of all the key points that were discussed."
Jenna S
Customer Success

Socialize Customer Insights

Share learnings and takeaways from customer meetings in a click—by copying the summary. Bring customer insights into every decision.

"I LOVE Grain AI summary. It allows me to quickly share feedback and customer insights with relevant teams through Slack, Notion, and more"
Shareil Nariman
Head of Customer Success
Ty Kauffman Testimonial
"You have a library of knowledge.. you can get what context you need."
Ty Kauffman
Customer Imagineering
Jason Brand Testimonial
"Being able to search a transcript and share a short clip is something we can't do anywhere else"
Jason Brand
Direct of Product Management
Eline Rysman Testimonial
"It's really important to share the voice of the customer with the team."
Eline Rysman
UX Researcher

Bring Customer Insights into Every Decision

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