What's New in Grain: Video Library, #Tags, and More

What's New in Grain: Video Library, #Tags, and More

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May 12, 2022

Rasheed Ahamed

Rasheed Ahamed

Enabling your team to capture, categorize, and share insights from video meetings—day in and day out—is no small feat. We introduced a simplified Library, #tags to help you do just that, along with some exciting new updates to the desktop app and search.

A New Home For Your Video Meetings

You now have a new simplified Library that will organize full recordings, Highlights and Stories in one place. Find what you’re looking for by filtering the Library view into:

  • Workspace: All the content people have shared with your company.
  • Personal: Recordings, Highlights, and Stories that are owned by you or shared with you.
  • All: You guessed it! Here’s all the content you have access to.

Use #Tags to Organize and Search

We’ve introduced a simple way to categorize Highlights with #tags. When adding a note to your Highlights, just type # to create your own or select from a list of existing tags created by your team. Use #tags to organize your meeting notes, ideas, action items, and more.

After you create a #tag, you can create a filter to view other Highlights with that specific #tags and compile those Highlights into a Story to be shared. Just like meeting titles or words in the transcript, #tags can be found in the search bar.

Capture Important Moments with One Click

From your recording transcript, try using the new “highlighter” shortcut that’ll create a Highlight from that speaker block. This will come in handy if you’re trying to capture the occasional knowledge bomb from your teammate or customer in one fell swoop.

Embed Highlights and Stories in Your Favorite Apps

We think sharing Highlights should be as seamless as creating them. With the new embed iframe code, you can post Highlights and Stories in your favorite iframe-supported applications.

Want to embed a customer testimonial on a landing page? Just copy and paste the embed code. Want to embed Grain highlights in your internal blog? Use the embed code!

See Who’s Typing During Meetings

When you’re using Grain during a team meeting, there’s a chance that you or someone else in your team ends up creating a duplicate highlight.

Well, not anymore! You can now see when someone’s already typing to create a highlight! This little update should make it a tad easier to collaboratively take notes with your team.

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