How Zapier Uses Grain to Capture and Rally Around the Voice of the Customer

How Zapier Uses Grain to Capture and Rally Around the Voice of the Customer

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February 17, 2023

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

Founded in 2011, Zapier makes automation easy by letting you integrate apps to create custom workflows without writing any code. Zapier helps you streamline processes and saves you time with over 3,000 integrations. But Zapier isn't just a user of Grain, we've also partnered with them to streamline your Grain workflows and integrate with all your favorite tools.

Let's learn how customer success team at Zapier uses Grain to align teams around the voice of the customer.

Gain Valuable Customer Insight, Fast

As a customer-focused company Zapier is always working to better understand how customers use simple automation to save time and money. Using Grain, Zapier is able to gather valuable insights from customer calls and share them across the organization without having to call lengthy meetings or share full-length videos.

With tangible, real-world customer feedback in the form of easy-to-watch video clips Grain lets Zapier bring the voice of the customer into product development and marketing.

For the first time Customer Success calls serve as focal point to dig deep into customer knowledge.

Know Your Customer... in their Own Words

As Zapier started integrating Grain into their customer feedback and research workflows, they found that it was key to aligning teams around customer needs. Instead of having to make the case for a new feature or a bug fix from written notes, they could share the customer's experience in their own words, saving time and reducing ambiguity.

Easily Share Customer Insights Across the Organization

Grain allows Zapier to create an easily searchable repository of customer feature requests and issues that put the voice of the customer first, opening up new avenues to refining product development with hard evidence that's easy to search, manage and share.

With Grain you can search the transcripts of video clips and use descriptive tags letting your organize your customer insights in powerful ways. Grain also offers Stories, an easy way to put together highlights around a product feature. Imagine being able to let teams across your company hear directly from ten customers all requesting a certain feature — Grain makes it simple and easy!

Align Your Business Around the Voice of the Customer

Grain gives you the power to bring the customer experience to every part of the organization, aligning around real customer insights without painstaking and time-consuming note taking. For the first time, Grain lets your organization build customer knowledge into a searchable resource that helps product, sales and customer success teams truly understand the needs of your customers — in their own words.

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