Connect Grain + HubSpot

Keep your records up to date by syncing your meetings in Grain with your Hubspot Contacts.

Grain automates note-taking and data entry to allow your team to focus on selling.

Once you connect Grain with your HubSpot account, every sales meeting with your prospects or customers will be automatically added as a note to relevant Contacts, Companies, and Deals in HubSpot. The note includes a link to view the meeting, participant information, description, and a detailed summary, making it easy for you to view sales highlights directly in HubSpot without any manual data entry or call logging.

As Grain adds new notes to your deals every time your team meets with prospects, it allows you to effortlessly monitor and stay up-to-date on sales engagement.


With Grain's HubSpot integration, you can:

- Sync your sales meetings with relevant HubSpot records including Contacts, Companies, and Deals.
- Push conversation data into HubSpot to gain better visibility into pipeline activity.
- Identify coaching opportunities to unstuck deals in your pipeline.

HubSpot is available for users across all the pricing plans. Connect Grain to your HubSpot account now.

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