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Raised under $10M in Venture Funding

Under 50 employees

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Unlimited meetings

AI transcription and summarization

Automate your manual workflows

Why Leading Startups Choose Grain

Every Team. Every Meeting.

Grain offers AI-powered meeting recording for all teams, not just sales. From sales to product, everyone can bring in an AI meeting assistant to streamline note-taking, recording, and sharing insights, regardless of the video conferencing platform used. Finally, all your conversations in one place.

"Gong is for sales. Grain is for everyone."
Brian Sowards

Automate Busy Work

Say goodbye to manual admin work of taking notes, updating CRM records, and drafting meeting recaps. With AI transcription and summarization, Grain automatically captures and pushes key takeaways and action items to all the right tools, including Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

“I save up to 25 minutes after every sales call as Grain automatically generates and adds the call notes in HubSpot for me.”
Max Stoiber
Founder and CEO

Get Closer to Your Customers

Grain records and indexes customer conversations from across your teams, making it effortless to search, discover, and share valuable insights. Create collections of customer calls and highlight reels, empowering your teams to listen to the voice of the customers directly.

"I LOVE Grain AI summary. It allows me to quickly share feedback and customer insights with relevant teams through Slack, Notion, and more"
Shareil Nariman
Head of Customer Success

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